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by Bethan Northwood

The fictional tom-boys I grew up with—

How would you identify today?

Etched into my being,

You light the path ahead for me.

/I have always related more to characters

that stubbornly refuse to comply,

/Than with female friends,

making their homes in femininity.

/The Famous Five are eighty yet bound in paper;,

I grow and they never change.

/Imagine George as a twenty-first Century woman!

We would be best friends.

The unruly short-haired girls—when

He was the biggest compliment from strangers—

Evading the she-shaped molds even then

Misjudging how tightly I would hold them

Bethan Northwood (they/she) is 21 and from Wales, UK. They find inspiration from nature and their feelings of grief since the loss of a parent. She's still finding her voice and very pleased to be here.


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