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[the interior shadow]

by tracy danes

the interior shadow

extrudes itself / the

interior shadow turns

itself inside out / the

interior shadow dom-

inates the containing

body / the interior

shadow harbors no

ill will / the process

is an affirmation

the membrane tightens

a network of pliable knives

and forked lexicon

when they—unfortunate

protrusion of their

shadow—move between




they are not one

with their body

they are not one

with their mind

as an entity whose

meaning is continually


they stand in the

envelope / filter out

undesirable frequencies

unclench jaw

let slip the memory

: gilded contour

of the infinite stretch

of unmoments

the membrane tightens

knives flex neath dermis

abdicating nothing

tracy danes is a writer and/or spreadsheet whose interests lie along the faults of words like "abstract, speculative, queer, playful existentialism," and whose thoughts are always dissolving. Find them dreaming of a genderless utopia.


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