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Day Shift Bachelors

By Megan Denese Mealor

“She gave me a vibe,” blazons a tax law student

parading Golden Goose suede star sneakers

and stonewashed seagull-print skinny jeans

around the spectral Pink Lemonade Club,

hunting the slinky showgirls in studded bustiers

contorting neon-lit limbs to Motley Crue and haunting covers,

flamingo patent platforms footwork clinical, algebraic.

“I bet she would have danced the third song for free.”

He takes another slug of his archaic Belgian ale,

nods firmly, convincing himself of competent caliber.

Megan Denese Mealor resides in her native land of Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and 9-year-old son, who was diagnosed with autism at three. Her poems, fiction, and photography have been featured in literary magazines worldwide, most recently The Wise Owl, Across the Margin, and Brazos River Review. A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee and current Best of the Net nominee, she has authored three full-length poetry collections: "Bipolar Lexicon" (Unsolicited Press, 2018); "Blatherskite" (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, 2019); and "A Mourning Dove's Wishbone" (Cybernet.wit, 2022). A survivor of bipolar disorder, she considers it her main mission as a writer to inspire others feeling stigmatized for their mental health.


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