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The Pool

by Saski

When desire follows you to the pool, you realize she is serious. So you start dancing and notice

the deep purple flux

flowing down your plexus

Streaming its way all the length, its

wild creatures covered in ink.

You’ve dipped your toes head first

so far

it’s burning.

She lays down on the sticky floor

of the club, loosing glitterfeathers

I love you factual, whispers

as you follow her lead and lick the pearls

a sickeningly sweet noise

your lips

or was it hers

it’s been a decade since we’ve met

it’s been a whole dj set

how much did it take you to find me.

Swimming in this room so long our toeskins rippled

& as we dance

she pushes away the clingy duddi-dudes

I hope

you’re not dancing for them.

Weave me closer when you giggle, this is

a love poem to your ginger

breath -- when your pearls shine I bump

into them

I cannot stand

I cannot stand they’re greypinkwhite

their lust

my lust.

Once, I was told

to abolish the hierarchy

between our love stories

We must



the summertimes.

Saski A.L.S Erikson Weisbrod (they-them) is a French poet, translator and researcher-performer. In 2021, they received a George Lurcy fellowship as well as a writers scholarship to study poetry and literary translation at Columbia University, where they work as the art and translation editor of the Columbia Journal. Currently an Irene Kronhill Pletka YIVO Research Fellow, they are gathering material for their next performance, "Vu iz Bessie?", on the life of erased Yiddish performer Bessie Maud. You can see more of their work on this website forever in construction: and follow them on Instagram @saskirikson.


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