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brb – i’m going swimming

by MC Barnes

actually, i’ve been crying. just a little when you leave or when

my mom calls or when my mom hangs up or when you tell me

you just don’t feel that way or when i try and see myself or when

i really think about how a clock works or when i watch buffy the

vampire slayer or when i think about how we used to play dolls

or when i’m alone or when i’m with you. i think i’m emotionally

maturing or maybe i’ve just been wearing the same pair of

contacts for two months. either way – there’s no winner. no

balloons pouring down and no birthday cake. i could sing to

myself. i have to get a new pair of contacts i have to get out of

my bed i have to charge my phone i have to learn my

optometrists phone number i have to learn how to call people on

the phone i have to call i have to find my prescription i have to

order the contacts please, thank you very much, have a nice day i

have to open my front door i have to lock my front door i have to

learn how to walk down my stairs without running i have to walk

in a straight line i have to pick them up i have to focus focus

focus enough to pop them into my waiting i need to realize the

contacts were not the wet i need to stop blaming what’s not the

issue i need to become okay with the hitch that premeditates the

wet i might need to be cast into a wholly new figurine i need to

envision a figurine with waterproof eyes. or i could just lie

and let pool. bathing suits not required. go for a swim.

MaryCharlotte “MC” Barnes is a New York based student who got tired of people shortening her name, so she did it herself. She spends her time sharing her unpopular music opinions on her radio show and sometimes writing. You can find her on Twitter @mc_barnes_


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