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Two poems

by Yuu Ikeda

“Unfair World”

most of me is the crescent moon.

most of you is the full moon.

my uncountable hopes are the most vulnerable

in the powdery world.

your unchained desire is the brightest

in the snowy world.

when you shine,

i sigh.

even when i vanish,

you glow.


Like snowflakes kiss the ground,

you kiss my nape.

Like frost decorates

the surface of a leaf,

I decorate your lips

with my touch.

Even if cold flows into our lungs,

we never stop craving.

Even if cruelty resounds

through our sanctuary,

we never stop wanting.

Tattoos thaw on my skin.

The scent of my perfume

spreads over your skin.

Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.

She loves writing, reading novels,

western art, and sugary coffee.

She writes poetry on her website.

Her latest poetry collection

“Seasons Echoing Around Me”

was published from Free Lines Press.

Her Twitter and Instagram :



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