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Lady Macbeth

by David Estringel

How black

like night

is your call for counsel

to spirits, rancorous

and thirsting,


for the fruitless bounty

of cold teats

and tongue

that bring the unmanned to sway

in this,

Hell’s business.


the shadows

that escape through hot teeth

and curled lips,

that fall

like judgments—


upon noble heads and

gaping maws of graves.

Do hearts of pitch

feel the ambitious stings

of Conscience’s stabs?

Or are they as elusive

as Hypnos’ kiss

or the sweet wet

of warm suckle?

How go, you,

weird sister, true—


of Evil’s Sword—


by the sun

and gold’s warm glimmer

‘round weary brow

and crimson finger?

Watch how you go,

fateful bride,

for baneful cries

ride the breeze

like hoary devils

or dark spells,

long looking

to collect

their due.

David Estringel is a Xicanx writer/poet with works in literary publications like The Opiate, Sledgehammer Lit, and Terror House Magazine. He has published three poetry collections, Indelible Fingerprints, Blood Honey, and Cold Comfort House with his fourth little punctures scheduled for a December 2022 release, as well as five poetry chapbooks, Punctures, PeripherieS, Eating Pears on the Rooftop, Golden Calves, and Blue. Connect with David on Twitter @The_Booky_Man and


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